Posted by: v500 in Internship,Teaching,Volunteering on January 4th, 2008

You are at the crossroads…you need to get focused in your career and begin working. You have a number of student loans to close so you only feel like going for paid jobs. But in many cases paid jobs may not come along unless you have sufficient experience. It is always a wise thing to do some volunteering or take up an internship with an INTERNSHIPorganization so that you can show it in your resume and let people know about your talents and capabilities. It is an added bonus to your resume so even a period of 6 months should do, you could work during your last semester and then show it in your resume. A bit of planning and focus could ensure you get a job once you are fresh out of college.

Internships are generally taken up by students who need experience in a specific field or for those who want to switch careers. Generally intern students are hired as replacements and may work for a very less pay or no pay at all. Internships actually offer a lot of education, learning and experience in a specific field which you can show in your resume. There are several types of internships and they are many times volunteering opportunities. There may be paid internships too but do not hesitate if you get an unpaid one only because it will give you the same expertise and experience and the prospects of a better job. Internship can be termed as a pre-employment opportunity wherein you get a feel of what work in the real world is like.