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At the end of each day when you just look back at how the day was spent do you feel a sense of satisfaction or is it the same old routine? Life is just moving on and lots of things are happening around you and you are vexed …you really would like to do something worthwhile. It is very important to find peace and happiness in life and believe me; you get a lot of satisfaction and a sense of achievement when you volunteer.

There are numerous benefits of being a volunteer firstly you tend to meet a lot of new people, you learn new skills, you tend to be interested in a lot of things and you have a sense of being a part and parcel of the community and the society as a whole. You have the satisfaction of being a responsible citizen contributing to the well being of the Nation and if you are a global volunteer contributing to the cause of peace and well being in the world.

By volunteering you grow personally in the sense that you increase your social awareness, gain a lot of self confidence, become independent, expand your contacts, discover your talents and strong points and learn a lot through service. As a volunteer you also gain work experience and attract potential employers who get impressed with your voluntary work. Unknown to you, you begin developing a job finding network and you will have a really strong resume in hand. You actually get much more than you invest…it is a wonderful thing to do so do not miss it.

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Employee volunteeringThe corporate world also owes a lot to society and needs to give back what they have received and obviously the best possible way is volunteering. It does not really matter if you are an entrepreneur or a very large organization, it is very essential to have an employee volunteer program An employee volunteer program should be simple, understandable and in line with the company’s mission statement. When you choose activities that are closely aligned with the company’s giving mission statement, great benefits are generated for the company, the employees and also the community as a whole. You will have to develop a program structure and define policies clearly so that the program is focused and manageable. The company needs to decide on how much time and money can be invested in the volunteering activity.

You would need to clearly state to your employees your volunteer efforts so that enthusiasm is instilled and there is good will formed within the community. Also keep in mind that this is an indirect way of maintaining smooth public relations and marketing your company. Reward the employees who involve and take interest and appreciate their effort. When you have a recognition program others are also inspired to take it up and venture. Finally it is very important to evaluate because without that you will never know whether the exercise was successful. You may evaluate based on employee feedback i.e. their satisfaction about the program and whether it meets your overall mission.

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Just imagine a little child suffering from a complex heart disease about which doctors have virtually given up hope but are trying their very best at the same time. He lies there cheerful and happy not knowing what is going on surrounded by disturbed parents and relations. Does not your heart go out to help…to just brighten his day by playing with him or telling stories or even raising funds for a very expensive surgery. If that child survives the trauma and comes out healthy would not the joy be tremendous but even if the outcome is disappointing, you will have the satisfaction that you did your best.

Volunteering for hospitals is a very satisfying job and you will have many opportunities available. You may even use it on your resume or college application as proof that you are a compassionate and caring person. If you need a reference like that, you may ask for a letter of recommendation from your volunteer supervisor. You may call or visit your local hospital to find out about their volunteer program and probably fill an application and a background check would be done. After approval you may sign up for volunteer shifts as per your convenience. You may also provide dolls or blankets for deserving patients and could also plan a one day visit as a group or with your family to brighten someone’s day. The stress of illness is truly very frustrating and the aid of volunteers is really appreciated and gratefully accepted. If you can put a smile of hope on a saddened face…the satisfaction you receive is truly invaluable.