Posted by: v500 in Family on May 31st, 2008

You are at home alone and your spouse could not make it this Christmas, you are feeling lost and lonely with the kids and you really want to do something to feel better. Why not try a family volunteering exercise, this would make another lonely soul feel better and you would feel awesome too. By volunteering as a family, it teaches the children respect kindness and compassion, deepens family relationships by giving children a sense of empowerment and makes children know that there is homelessness, hunger and poverty around and all is not rosy always. Volunteering together may not require too much of time and is surely great fun.

Some ideas for volunteering as a family would include preparing a meal for a homeless shelter…this could involve all the children and they will help you shopping, cutting vegetables, and wrapping gifts if it is a festive season and so on. It is a very special time together and the children at the home would enjoy it too. You may also go on a marathon walk, run or even a swim for a good cause like AIDS or Cancer. You can take the smaller kids in a stroller or back carrier with sunscreen if they would find it difficult to walk. You may also engage your children in e-activism wherein they can contact heads of Government through fax or email to help a particular cause or you could add one click charity websites to your favorites where if you just click someone’s needs are catered.