Posted by: v500 in Benefits,Personal stories,Volunteering on March 22nd, 2008

At the end of each day when you just look back at how the day was spent do you feel a sense of satisfaction or is it the same old routine? Life is just moving on and lots of things are happening around you and you are vexed …you really would like to do something worthwhile. It is very important to find peace and happiness in life and believe me; you get a lot of satisfaction and a sense of achievement when you volunteer.

There are numerous benefits of being a volunteer firstly you tend to meet a lot of new people, you learn new skills, you tend to be interested in a lot of things and you have a sense of being a part and parcel of the community and the society as a whole. You have the satisfaction of being a responsible citizen contributing to the well being of the Nation and if you are a global volunteer contributing to the cause of peace and well being in the world.

By volunteering you grow personally in the sense that you increase your social awareness, gain a lot of self confidence, become independent, expand your contacts, discover your talents and strong points and learn a lot through service. As a volunteer you also gain work experience and attract potential employers who get impressed with your voluntary work. Unknown to you, you begin developing a job finding network and you will have a really strong resume in hand. You actually get much more than you invest…it is a wonderful thing to do so do not miss it.