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Children are the pillars of our nation, the back bone of our society and they need to be nurtured and taught to be bold responsible citizens of tomorrow. Children are bright, active and full of energy so use their energy creatively and in a resourceful manner. You can first explain to your children the plight of many other children around them and how many do not enjoy the comforts that they enjoy. You can involve your kids in a lot of creative activities and if you are at a loss of ideas we have the ready resource of the internet to refer to.

There are a number of organizations that send knitted bags and hand made cuddly dolls to children who are sick in hospital or in some difficulty. You can also encourage children to make teddy bears or collect teddy bears from neighboring children with a Bear making event or Teddy bear party and send it to organizations who will send your cuddly teddies to put a smile on a sick or needy child’s face. Instead of hosting a birthday party at home with children who have everything, you can host a party at a homeless shelter and brighten the faces of many children and give a sense of achievement and empowerment to your little darling. You can get your children to paint cotton bags with fabric paint, host paint-a-mural events and make as many as possible and also create hand made greeting cards and pictures. These may be small things but can surely brighten some child’s life and that is surely worth all the trouble. And to top it all you will see your little kid grow up into a thoughtful and responsible individual.

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Volunteering may seem to some as a service to society for which they do not derive any benefit. volunteerYou may feel why waste my time, energy and resources when I am not going to get anything in return. But that is not the case. Whatever the volunteering opportunity be, you are definitely benefited in several ways. The first reason why a person should offer to volunteer is because all that we have and are is by the grace of God and the more you give, the more you will receive. If you are at a crossroad and looking for some good job opportunity you may offer to volunteer for some time so that someone seeing your skills and expertise may offer you a good paid job.

You may volunteer in your free time. If you are free during weekends or evenings or your job gives you some time off, you may volunteer to do something for society. It depends on what you love to do and where you have the inclination. Volunteering to be precise comes from the heart, so do something very close to your heart, something you always longed to do but could not accomplish in your regular job. The satisfaction you derive from doing good is worth millions of dollars and the joy you see on a person for whom you willingly worked is really worth the effort. You actually feel nice about yourself and have the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile. Otherwise we just go on with our regular routine and do not stop to think of others…volunteering gives you an opportunity to think of others, serve society and as you pass through this life only once you make sure you are remembered warmly and with all respect.

It was a bright day, all seemed great…but then I saw a little child peeping through the window of a toy shop with eager eyes looking at that lovely doll…I knew she could not buy it, but I could and then I found myself counting notes over the counter and believe me the ecstasy on that little face was invaluable…worth millions of dollars. This may not be called volunteering but is a small act of kindness to a little girl and when you commit your time, energy and resources to help and provide support to people in need and to organizations with no financial benefit to yourself it is called volunteering.

You may also say that by volunteering you express your citizenship and your commitment to the society as a whole. You commit your time and your energy for the benefit of society and the community as a whole. Volunteering is generally undertaken freely and by personal choice without any concern for financial gain. Volunteering may include a wide range of activities like self help, charity, citizenship, community service, public service, environmental awareness, trustee, member and helper.


Each one sees the act of volunteering in a different way…some feel they are doing an act of kindness, some feel that they should set things in place in society and still others do it to gain new skills and increase job prospects. Whatever it is, volunteering is a noble act where you part with your services free of charge with the goal of brightening someone else’s life or doing something good to society.