There are all kinds of ways that companies can help their local communities, the biggest is just by doing business in the local community. If you are going to be selling your product in a particular community you should ideally also be making it there and hiring locals to work for the company. This is the best thing that a company can do as it provides jobs in the local area. If the company needs to provide training to the people that it hires this is even more helpful. Far too many companies make their products overseas and bring in workers from other areas because they don’t want to have to deal with training staff, this approach makes the company a drain on the local community.

The other big way that a company can help the local community is through charity and again there are a lot of ways that this can be done. The most obvious and the easiest is to simply donate money. And while the charities that receive the money will certainly appreciate it there are better ways to support charity and to help your local community.

One of the better options is to give your product away. A good example of this is Stanton Optical’s Product donation policy. There are lots of people who need corrective lenses but can’t afford them. By giving contact lenses to the needy the company helps many people in its own community by allowing them to improve their sight which helps them both academically and at getting a job. Not only does the community benefit but so does Stanton as they have their product associated with their charitable donation.

An even better way that a company can get involved in charity and help the local community is to actually get out into the community and do good work. Rather than just donating money take the staff down to build a new park or to teach courses to people who need them. While this will require more effort on the part of the company than just giving away money or your product it will also produce the best results.

Ultimately the key to helping your local community as a business is to be a responsible corporate citizen. It is important to realize that your company is a part of the community and that you have to make decisions that will promote the greater good rather than just making money. You do have to make sure that your company is profitable of course but this can’t be the only focus of your business. Companies that focus solely on maximizing their profits usually end up failing in the long run for the simple reason that a strong local economy is critical to their success and this requires making decisions that are in the best interest of the local community.

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