Posted by: v500 in Volunteering on September 18th, 2012

If you are into traveling and volunteering, then you might be interested in programs that let you do both. These volunteer opportunities require your hands to get a bit dirty though. They are building projects that reach out to the needy communities in different countries like Vietnam, Kenya, and Costa Rica.

Volunteering in building projects will bring you to some of the most wonderful travel destinations and also let you contribute to the development of communities. These projects will help families, orphans and children. You do not need any experience in building houses or schools but you just need to pack your appetite and enthusiasm to dedicate your hours to some hard work. Here are some ideas on how you can do volunteer work abroad:

Building homes in Costa Rica

This experience will be an immersion in the rural areas of Costa Rica. You can help make a real difference in the lives of underprivileged families as you help build homes for them. You will work along side the locals and help them improve the quality of their everyday life. You can stay for a bout a week to roughly two months, staying with a foster family so you can understood more the conditions they are dealing with.

Help abandoned kids in Thailand

If you are looking for a worthy cause to support and at the same time see the beauty of Asia, you cn extend to help a local community in Thailand build a haven for orphans and abandoned kids. They already have the land but need the manpower to accomplish their goals.

Volunteer to construct homes in Kenya

Put your handyman skills to good use and volunteer to build homes and other community projects in Nakuru,Kenya. It is a great way to help the poor communities in Kenya. Your efforts will be focused on reaching out to improve lives in this corner of the globe. It will not be all work for you as you will have a lot of free time to visit the stunning national parks in the region.